today's rain video:

i broke my twsbi eco today... i stripped the threading connecting the piston to the end cap and so now i can't tighten the end cap on enough to extend and retract the piston. oh well. it had a good three year run. the nib still works so i now have a spare EF nib to swap into another eco if i so wish.

i had some vinta ink samples come in today, too. i was excited to use them! but i only have the one fountain pen, so they'll have to wait. i could use a dip pen, but they're fountain pen inks and i would probably have to mix gum arabic powder in. i don't mind but it would be nice to see how the inks behave in their intended vessel.

update: i used dugong bughaw with a speedball dip pen (no gum arabic, it lays down kinda sticky on its own) and wow, that pink sheen! i will add a photo later pffff excited to use this more, and the other samples too (shimmer?? a glitter lava lamp in a demonstrator pen???)

update 2: realized i misspelled "bughaw", oops. still, look

i made this neocities site meaning to make the blog the focus, but now i'm thinking... what if i made it more expansive than that? browsing neocities sites has had me thinking i could make this place look weirder and less user-friendly, haha. more photography. more art. more blingee gifs. i keep breaking my header when i try to insert little addons so maybe i will move this zonelets blog to its own section of the site and mess around with the other parts more.

something something flow state when i tinker with html, it's fun