site updates n stuff

update: oh sheesh it seems like the next/prev post navigation isn't working. OR THE DATES IN EACH POST what did i do this time lmao omg... it works fine offine but for some reason it just doesn't show up in neocities. if anyone can provide guidance, uh, please email me or something haha

today's rain video:

i moved my site to zonelots so i have tags now! it's nice to feel a bit more organized, like i've put shelves in my new place. i also made my header and links page look a bit cuter. love a cute misato gif. for some reason when i add my old "photos" blog entry to the postArray the header breaks so i've archived it, i guess. the wobbly text on the home page kept breaking the container and i haven't found a way to fix it yet. i think i can figure it out though.

gradually i will abandon the habitual neatness and just put glitter graphics and buttons everywhere. it's a practice i think. intuitive design? lmao

the zonelots framework also lets you add header messages that change on every refresh! i had a compilation of very old asterisk action tweets already so i threw a bunch in there. thinking again about a memoir website... this could be something...

during my memoir writing class this summer i made a mess of a multimedia piece with different fonts and photos and OC tweets and memes and we tossed around the idea of it being a website. my original thought was to make it a website, actually. an incredibly user hostile one, for uh reasons. but i didn't have much coding knowledge and the class was quite short, so i settled for a very weird pdf. it could also be a book that takes after the Egyptology or Dragonology books with all the little inserts and moving parts. it could also be an interpretive dance. or a DVD box set.

the nice thing about memoir is that you never run out of material as long as you're alive. and you can always transmute your work into some other form and it'll become something new in its own right. without the structure of a class i haven't been digging into memoir as much, more journaling about the present (because the current present is... a little too eternal), but i would like to change that. maybe here, maybe not. i'm not sure how personal i want to get on this site yet. i just want to have fun making things.