music i put on during chores today:

i got around to laundry today and between switching out loads i hung up a couple prints from a trip to new mexico in... what was it, 2015? and rearranged other things on my living room walls. hung up the mirror that's been laying around since the bedroom got the pipes rearranged and it looks a little awkward above the tv but it's a fine place for now. i finally framed my cat's paw print after it leaning on the empty frame for two years. i was afraid of cutting the paper to size for a while. i'm glad the little memento of her is protected now. suits her better.

dance was really good today. i worked hard enough to have my legs feel like jelly and warrant taking the bus home. proud of myself for that. i should get something nice for my instructor for christmas. it's on my mind now because a) he looked exhausted and b) i signed up for a couple secret santa exchanges. of course there are three bottles of ink on my list. i have to stop myself from reckless purchasing somehow. by making others do it for me. pfff

i have a couple trips coming up in the next few months. a domestic one very soon and an international one in january. i haven't left the country since... wow... yeah, pre-pandemic. i'm a little nervous but i think it'll be fun. definitely bringing my camera. i just hope i don't lose too much progress with dance while i'm away. i'd like to compete sometime early next year if i have the funds. unfortunately traveling also means i won't be able to get a cat before the new year... i mean, i just wouldn't feel responsible getting a pet and skipping town for a week or two weeks when we're still just getting to know each other. so patience, right.

i inked the twsbi eco M nib with vinta makopa today. it's so vibrant even on ivory paper, and there's a little neon yellow-green sheen too. it reminds me of playing with highlighters in middle school. enjoying that a lot. physical things. sensory things.

back when i was heavy on the juul i showed my friend V the calm strip that i cut to fit the battery. i fidgeted with my juul a ton (i still fidget a lot with the elf bar too, bleh) and having a slightly textured sticker was a nice way to do that without necessarily hitting it all the time. V was like, "it's cool that you find things that work for you". and after some mild mental wrangling with that i have to agree tbh. i carry earplugs on my keys. i always have a notepad and pen on me so i don't have to pull out my phone. i have a lighter leash on my keychain so i can make fast friends. hell i carry around a portable WNRS deck R and i made and pull it out at parties and bars so conversation is just a little gameified.

i like my gadgets. i like my little workarounds. i'm a little embarrassed about them sometimes and think maybe it would be more... i don't know, more something if i didn't need them. but would i be as likely to try the things i do without the small things that make my life a little easier? more whimsical? more fun?

that's all for today, i think